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Why the United States was wide open to a disaster like Equifax

September 21, 2017


More than sloppy cybersecurity measures, the massive data breach uncovered at Equifax revealed inherent flaws in the U.S.: the over-reliance on Social Security numbers credit reporting system in need of reform. The Social Security number is a “chief means” of […]

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Qatar’s banks face a deteriorating situation as blockade continues, Moody’s says

August 8, 2017


Moody’s Investors Service cut the outlook for Qatar’s banking system to negative from stable on Tuesday amid a continuing blockade of the country by its neighbors. Qatar has faced a two-month-long economic embargo imposed by a group of fellow Gulf […]

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How the US Created a $500 Billion Trade Deficit

July 24, 2017

Via: GOBankingRates

The U.S. trade deficit is a common news story. At $505 billion last year, it’s the largest trade deficit in the world. In fact, it’s more than four times larger than Great Britain’s trade deficit, the country with the second-highest […]

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These banks will do well in the second half of 2017, says Credit Suisse

July 13, 2017


Domestic demand, instead of exports, will drive economic growth in the second half of 2017 — a shift that bodes well for Southeast Asiancountries, Credit Suisse said as it turned more optimistic on the region’s banking sector. The bank said in a report […]

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The global economy is doing something it hasn’t done in 7 years and that has Wall Street excited

July 6, 2017


All the major economies of the globe and the companies that make them up are picking up steam at the same time right now, the first such simultaneous recovery in years. This is making the phrase “global synchronous recovery” among […]

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3 ‘really bad facts’ are hurting the US economy, according to JPMorgan CEO Dimon

June 8, 2017


JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon runs the largest bank in the country but is frustrated by obstacles he sees keeping young people from having bright futures and workers from getting higher pay. Speaking Wednesday at a Business Roundtable summit, Dimon […]

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Market Snapshot: U.S. stocks on track to rise after Fed gives thumbs-up to the American economy

May 4, 2017

Via: Market Watch

U.S. stock futures pointed to a gain at the open Thursday, as traders digested a Federal Reserve statement that signaled confidence in the American economy. European equities were trading higher and also helping sentiment, after markets-friendly French presidential candidate Emmanuel […]

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Yellen Signals Shift From Stimulating Economy to Sustaining Growth

April 11, 2017

Via: The New York Times

Janet L. Yellen, the Federal Reserve chairwoman, said Monday that the Fed was shifting its focus from stimulating the economy to keeping growth on an even keel. She said the economy was “pretty healthy,” thanks in part to the Fed’s […]

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How U.S. Bancorp Climbed to the Top of the Bank Industry

April 7, 2017

Via: Yahoo

The past decade has been anything but smooth sailing for the banking industry. Hundreds of banks failed during and after the financial crisis. And many of the banks that didn’t fail were bruised and battered in the downturn so much […]

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Banking’s Biggest Hurdle: Its Own Strategy

March 24, 2017

Via: Strategy Business

The conventional wisdom within the banking industry about its troubles since the recent global financial crisis goes something like this: Rightly or wrongly, regulators imposed new rules that forced banks, particularly in the U.S. and Europe, to adopt new, less […]