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How Central Banks Impact the Forex Market

November 9, 2022

Via: DailyFX

Central banks are mainly responsible for maintaining inflation in the interest of sustainable economic growth while contributing to the overall stability of the financial system. When central banks deem it necessary they will intervene in financial markets in line with […]


Three US cash trends persist, Fed report says

May 16, 2022

Via: Payments Dive

The Fed’s cash diary survey is conducted annually to collect data on U.S. consumer shopping and payment behaviors, with supplemental surveys added in the past two years to chart the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The report issued this month […]

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Democrats Spend Low-Income Americans Into Poverty

March 30, 2022


I have been writing for years about how progressive policies championed by the Democratic Party and served up under the guise of caring about low-income Americans wind up hurting these very communities. The latest chapter in this saga is the […]

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Will Congress Take Away Your Credit Card?

December 7, 2021


How would you feel about Congress snatching away your credit card or preventing you from participating in credit card reward programs? Don’t laugh. Left-wing groups in Washington are declaring that the plastic card in your wallet is the financial villain […]

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Stephen Moore: Is the Stock Market Telling Us That Trump Will Win?

October 27, 2020


Why is the stock market so high? I get asked this riddle every day. The standard answers we hear these days are that the market is anticipating another $2 trillion Donald Trump-Nancy Pelosi stimulus bill (either before or right after […]

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Black student loan borrowers are more likely to struggle repaying their debts — here’s why

November 21, 2019

Via: Market Watch

The country’s $1.5 trillion in student loan debt can weigh heavily on some borrowers, sidetracking plans for home ownership and stunting careers while they pay off loans. That debt is especially burdensome for black borrowers, according to new data from […]

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Trump’s Economy, Recently Swooning, Now Seems to Be Going Swimmingly

April 25, 2019

Via: TheStreet

All of a sudden, President Donald Trump’s economy is looking more like a miracle than a mirage. A U.S. government report Friday is expected to show that gross domestic product, or GDP — the most basic gauge of economic output […]

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US should watch its debt pile before ‘things get out of hand,’ Fed’s Mester says

May 14, 2018


The U.S. should keep its debt-to-GDP (gross domestic product) in mind before things “get out of hand,” Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland President Loretta Mester said Monday. Asked by CNBC’s Joumanna Bercetche if she was worried about the outlook for […]

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JPMorgan Bondholders Just Don’t Care About the Next Financial Crisis

March 14, 2018

Via: TheStreet

The Federal Reserve and other U.S. bank regulators have spent the past decade trying to shore up financial-industry rules to protect taxpayers from having to bail out big Wall Street firms. Despite those efforts, a new study by researchers at […]

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Fed’s Harker expects two US rate hikes this year

February 21, 2018


Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President Patrick Harker on Wednesday said he still thinks just two interest-rate hikes this year is “likely appropriate,” but signaled he is open to more if needed. “Based on the relatively strong economy, but the continued […]

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Gradual rate hikes in the US are the best option, says Fed’s Mester

November 9, 2017


A gradual increase in interest rates is the best way to deal with inflation and support the U.S. economy, Loretta Mester, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, told CNBC Thursday. “I think a gradual path is […]

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What Highest Credit-Card Debt Since ’08 Crisis Means for the U.S.

December 23, 2016

Via: TheStreet

During the holidays, it’s comforting to know that U.S. consumers really, truly believe. If not in Santa Claus, at least in their ability to pay for the Christmas presents and other items charged on their credit cards. Americans now owe […]