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Reforms to US Disaster Aid Expose Growing Home Insurance Gap

January 29, 2024

Via: Insurance Journal

When disaster hits in the US, the federal government gives aid to states and counties, but also to individuals. In 2022, the Federal Emergency Management Agency delivered $3.25 billion to nearly 1.4 million households recovering from damaging floods and fires. […]

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FEMA Report: Flood Insurance Hikes Will Drive 1 Million From Market

July 25, 2022

Via: Insurance Journal

When questioned by members of Congress, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said its new update to the nation’s flood insurance program will prompt more people to sign up for coverage, even though many will pay more for it. But in […]

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Oregon Governor: Illegal Aliens Are ‘The Heart and Soul of Our Culture…The Backbone of Our Economy’

July 6, 2021


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, says the Federal Emergency Management Agency should provide aid and assistance to undocumented families who lose their homes in wildfires. Brown was among the Western governors who joined a conference call with President Biden […]