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Benefits of online payment today

July 25, 2023

Via: TechBullion

The advent of online payment systems has greatly simplified monetary transactions in the modern era. Technology and the broad use of the internet have contributed to the rise in popularity of online payment systems, which have many advantages for consumers, […]


Why Embedded Finance Is the Next Area of Digital Revolution

May 24, 2022

Via: Bank Director

The four decades after the internet made information readily accessible has led to inventions and innovations like smart devices, mobile apps and the ability to be constantly connected. Today, companies are focusing on harnessing technology to build smoother, richer and […]


Three Steps to Building a Post-Pandemic Payments Strategy

September 24, 2021

Via: Bank Director

The Covid-19 pandemic spotlighted contactless payments. To stay competitive with the future of payments, community banks must offer multifaceted options, like virtual cards, P2P payments and digital wallets. But building a digital and contactless payments strategy goes beyond just offering […]


Citigroup plunges into consumer-payments business

March 26, 2019

Via: Market Watch

Citigroup Inc. is starting a consumer-payments business, joining its biggest rivals and a host of financial-technology startups jockeying for position in the hottest corner of banking. The bank, already a dominant player in business-to-business payments, is launching a new unit […]

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Users Prefer PayPal Over Apple Pay When It Comes to Digital Wallets

October 26, 2017

Via: Bank Innovation

Digital wallet adoption is slowly on the rise, and payments provider PayPal seems to be the most popular choice for users. Users of the PayPal digital wallet far extend users of its closest competition, Apple Pay, according to a Market […]


Google, Apple, Bitcoin and 4 Other Digital Wallets Reviewed

June 29, 2017

Via: GOBankingRates

A digital wallet is designed to work in one of two ways: It can be used as an online banking platform to send and receive money and make purchases on the internet. Or, users have the option to download digital […]