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Apple Card faces investigation over sexist credit limit claims

November 11, 2019

Via: Finextra

On Friday, David Heinemeier Hansson, a prominent technology entrepreneur, complained to his 355,000 Twitter followers that the Apple Card is “such a fucking sexist program” because its “black box algorithm thinks I deserve 20x the credit limit she [his wife] […]

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TD Survey: Credit Knowledge Gap Still Exists Among Millennials

March 13, 2019

Via: ABF Journal

Though 82% of millennials believe society will eventually become cashless, TD Bank’s Consumer Spending Index revealed that they’re lacking when it comes to building and maintaining healthy credit habits. As the generation least likely to carry cash, according to the […]

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8 Tips to Increase Your Credit Limit

August 26, 2016

Via: GOBankingRates

Your credit card limit is the maximum amount you’re permitted to rack up at any one time on a specific credit card. If you exceed it, you’ll likely wreck your credit — plus you risk getting hit with fees, a […]

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Five Ways For Banks To Boost Credit Card Use

May 27, 2016

Via: Finextra

Ever since I got my first credit card in the late ’80s, I’ve been a fan of plastic. Rewards, deferred payment and a built-in line of defence from fraud – these are some of the reasons I pay with credit cards […]