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Why central banks need to engage the private sector on CBDCs

July 11, 2022

Via: FinTech Futures

As more governments consider launching a central bank digital currency (CBDC), they face many important questions: Why create a digital dollar, euro, or rupee? What technology best fits that purpose? How might a CBDC affect competition in the market? Policymakers […]


Central bank digital currency (CBDC) – why go slow

July 6, 2022

Via: FinTech Futures

Central banks around the world are gripped in an uncharacteristic frenzy. Almost every central bank is at least setting up “commissions” to look into the luring and jarring prospect of redefining their national currency. A few countries simply embraced Bitcoin […]


CBDCs are the future of money, but bank apps are stuck in the past

February 23, 2022

Via: American Banker

National digital currencies are gaining momentum. In November 2021, the nine largest banks in Japan announced that they will issue a digital yen this year. Nine countries have already issued central bank digital currencies and 14, including China, have pilots […]


Federal Reserve to kick off conversation on CBDC

May 21, 2021

Via: Payments Dive

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell shifted his tack slightly Thursday on the topic of creating a central bank digital currency, saying the Fed will issue a paper this summer designed to “stimulate broad conversation” about the possibility. In a brief […]