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Fed plans new round of bank stress tests in response to Covid-19

October 15, 2020

Via: The Banker

The ongoing uncertainty around the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted the US Federal Reserve Board to announce another round of bank stress tests to see how large banks stand up against two scenarios featuring severe recessions. “The Fed’s stress tests earlier […]


Morgan Stanley upgrades Wells Fargo due to the bank’s ‘positive stress test results’

July 3, 2018


Morgan Stanley says the passage of Wells Fargo’s capital return plan by the Federal Reserve is a significant positive event for the company. On Thursday, the Fed approved Wells Fargo’splan in the second part of its annual bank stress tests. […]

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Fed issues revised scenarios for bank stress tests after error

February 13, 2017

Via: Yahoo

The Federal Reserve on Friday issued revised macroeconomic scenarios for its 2017 stress testing programs to correct an error having to do with corporate yields. The Fed said its previously released hypothetical scenarios contained incorrect historical values for yields on […]

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Bank Stress Tests May Also Test Stockholders

June 29, 2016

Via: The New York Times

Bank stress exams may test investor patience. On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve is scheduled to report how 33 financial institutions fared in a simulated bad economic downturn. Countercyclical factors included this year could mean that even those banks that ace […]