image credit: WangXiNa / Freepik

The digital transformation divide in Europe’s banking industry

May 7, 2024


According to the survey, fund managers have rediscovered their optimism, and gloomy predictions of recession seem to have been narrowly avoided.

Against this backdrop, European fintech is finding its footing once more. Thanks to an exemplary combination of resilient financial hubs and the brightest minds of tech in the region, the continent has fostered an ecosystem that is truly world leading. Fintech is empowering better financial choices and modernising day-to-day banking for Europeans.

As the birthplace of the neobank, Europeans have taken fintech in their stride. Neobanks are now even outpacing legacy banks in app adoption in the region. But while these indicators all appear positive, there are European nations that are yet to fully grasp the digital banking opportunity.

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