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Biden: Inflation Month to Month Is ‘Just an Inch, Hardly at All’; ‘It Hasn’t Spiked’

September 19, 2022

As Americans watch their grocery bills climb, President Joe Biden is putting his best possible spin on the highest inflation since 1982.

In an interview with CBS’s Scott Pelley that aired on Sunday’s “60 Minutes,” Biden was asked what he can do “better and faster” to alleviate price inflation:

“Well, first of all, let’s put this in perspective. Inflation rate month to month was just– just an inch, hardly at all–” Biden started to say.

“You’re not arguing that 8.3 percent is good news,” Pelley interrupted. (The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that year-to-year inflation in August was 8.3 percent, but the monthly increase was 0.1 percent, both numbers higher than expected.)