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What would Sir John do? How to use Templeton’s 16 rules for investment success in today’s stock market

July 27, 2020

Sir John Templeton, the famed value investor who passed away in 2008, was my great-uncle, and he seeded my investment business when I was 24 years old. At my firm, Templeton & Phillips Capital Management, we are always asking the question: “What would Sir John do?”

Of course, Sir John’s investment genius was too brilliant and creative for us to answer with detailed accuracy. Yet experiences with him as a mentor created profound lessons and principles that are a guide to the current market climate. Thankfully, Sir John took the time to record certain principles into his “16 Rules for Investment Success.” In light of today’s unusual market environment, which I have no doubt he would have found interesting, let’s take a quick review of the rules and how we can use them in 2020.

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