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Capital and Risk, Macroeconomic

Stephen Moore: Can Biden’s Taxing and Borrowing Fend Off the Chinese Menace?

October 12, 2021


With each passing week, it looks like World War III — between America and China — is coming sooner than we think. It’s not going to be fought with bullets or aircraft carriers, although the Chinese are building up their […]

Activity, Trading

Stephen Moore: Is the Stock Market Telling Us That Trump Will Win?

October 27, 2020


Why is the stock market so high? I get asked this riddle every day. The standard answers we hear these days are that the market is anticipating another $2 trillion Donald Trump-Nancy Pelosi stimulus bill (either before or right after […]

Capital and Risk, Macroeconomic

Stephen Moore says the decline in ‘male earnings’ is a big issue for the economy

April 30, 2019


The drop in earnings for men is the biggest challenge facing the economy, according to Stephen Moore, the man President Donald Trump has said he wants to nominate to the Federal Reserve board. Speaking Tuesday with CNBC’s “Squawk Box, ” […]