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New US banking service launches for international students

August 23, 2019

Via: Banking Technology

The Pie News reports that North Loop, whose checking accounts and debit cards are issued by partner Evolve Bank and Trust, has been set up by a former international student in order to combat the financial problems overseas students face. […]

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Investing app Stash launches debit rewards in an effort to attract more banking customers

March 12, 2019

Via: Market Watch

Stash doesn’t want to just invest your spare change — it also wants to keep the rest of your money in a bank account. And the company is set to reward you for doing so. The investing app is officially […]

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Seven Bank ATMs go biometric for account opening

January 8, 2019

Via: Banking Technology

Japan’s Seven Bank will equip its ATMs with face recognition capabilities to let users open bank accounts on the spot. According to Japan Today and sources close to the matter, the tech could be coming in the autumn. Although the […]


Western Union works with TerraPay for mobile mania

December 14, 2018

Via: Banking Technology

According to the firms, the alliance expands upon Western Union’s account payout network for sending remittances directly into customers’ mobile wallets across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. “Joining with TerraPay is a great opportunity to further diversify and expand […]

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7 Ways You Could Accidentally Set Off Your Own Fraud Alert

November 20, 2017

Via: GOBankingRates

With hacks at credit reporting agencies, corporate data breach scandals and a constant influx of new phishing scams, banks and other scams, credit card issuers are becoming increasingly vigilant about fraud — for good reason. Fraud is on the rise, […]

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Citi extends ‘Quick Look’ feature to debit cards

October 20, 2017

Via: Finextra

Citibank has made it more convenient to protect your bank account by extending the popular Citi Quick Lock feature to debit cards, making it possible for both banking customers and credit cardmembers to quickly and easily lock their cards online […]

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Banking 101 Guide: Tips and Terms to Know Before Opening Your First Account

August 19, 2016

Via: GOBankingRates

It’s time to open a new bank account. Perhaps you’re getting your first job after years as a college student who didn’t have much use for a bank. Or perhaps your parents set up an account for you as a […]

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How to Bag an Extra $5K in 2016

January 19, 2016

Via: Daily Finance

Countless Americans ring in the new year determined to shed those few extra pounds around their midsection. But the new year is also a good time to sit down and take a good, hard look at your finances. Maybe you […]