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Is a phone charging cable the new bank card?

March 29, 2024


I was genuinely surprised when a friend of mine – one of the fintech OGs – recently said he had loaded a bank card onto his phone’s pay app for the first time. He was taking his first tentative steps into the wild world of using a phone for pay. He asked if I take a card with me, just in case. I said nope, I take a charging cable!

It has been a long time since I went through the transformation process of loading a card onto my mobile wallet. While I initially carried a physical card as a backup, I soon realised that paying with my phone rarely fails, so I quickly began trusting my phone in its entirety and untethered myself from my physical wallet, leaving it at home only for it to get lost in that kitchen drawer where the odds and sods of everyday life seem to accumulate.

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