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Capital and Risk, Operational

5 Cyber Threats FinTech Companies Should Watch Out For

April 26, 2021

Via: TechBullion

FinTech companies have been gaining momentum since the beginning of the pandemic. They have significantly improved their services and even merged with the traditional banking methods. Major banks have integrated fintech into their existing systems to offer more options. So […]

Capital and Risk, Operational

Carders Cashing Out on Magstrip Cards

July 1, 2016

Via: Bank Innovation

Two thousand credit card payment terminals stand to become infected with malware called Trinity point of sales. Ten million credit cards were stolen by hackers, called Fin6, who may end up scoring $400 million. The cards were stolen from retail […]

Capital and Risk, Operational

Up to 30% of Bank Customers’ Systems Are Infected with Malware

June 14, 2016

Via: Bank Innovation

Banks’ own systems have to be rock-solid — but banks’ customers’ computers are a different story. In an era where more customers connect to banks digitally every day, a secure connection between the two systems is essential, but this can […]

Capital and Risk, Operational

Banking Trojans Expand Their Reach

February 23, 2016

Via: Bank Info Security

Leading banking Trojans are expanding their targets, taking aim at industries outside banking to compromise financial accounts and other information, new research shows. And the botnets are proving difficult for law enforcement officials to take down. Some of these malware […]