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Should More Community Banks Be B Corporations?

February 21, 2022

Via: Bank Director

Banks face a highly competitive landscape filled with thousands of other banks, credit unions and financial technology companies. Could proving your values be a powerful way to differentiate your institution in such an environment? A 2021 Edelman survey found that […]


How Two Community Banks Added Remote Directors, and Why More Should

October 11, 2021

Via: Bank Director

Increasingly, community banks are considering remote or hybrid work arrangements as a way to bring on hard-to-find and in-demand talent at the employee level. They may want to consider doing something similar for their boards, as well. Many community banks […]

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Recommendations for Banks Prepping for LIBOR Transitions, Updated Timelines

December 1, 2020

Via: Bank Director

While much of the focus this summer was on Covid-19, the decline in GDP and the fluctuating UE rates, some pockets of the market kept a different acronym in the mix of hot topics. Regulators, advisors and trade groups have […]

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U.S. Bank Joins the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service Mentor-Protégé Program

October 2, 2019

Via: Yahoo

U.S. Bank will mentor First Independence Bank, a minority-owned community bank in Detroit, Mich., as part of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service Mentor-Protégé Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Treasury. During the three-year commitment, U.S. Bank will provide […]

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4 more critical questions for community banks

March 31, 2016

Via: Banking Exchange

My previous blog—“4 issues you can’t duck anymore”—dealt with a small collection of significant issues that the board needs to address in connection with its long-term planning. Because there are any number of significant issues the board needs to address, […]

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Mitigating Risk When Choosing a BOLI Carrier for Your Community Bank

March 10, 2016

Via: Bank Director

If your community bank is considering revamping your benefits offerings, you’ve probably thought about Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI). Purchasing BOLI is one of the lowest risk ways for banks to fund the cost of their benefits, and for a community […]

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4 issues you can’t duck anymore

March 7, 2016

Via: Banking Exchange

I have been facilitating long-term strategic planning sessions for community banks for over 25 years. In fact, through our consulting firm, we facilitate approximately 100 planning sessions for community banks annually. Reflecting on the planning sessions I have facilitated over […]