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Capital and Risk, Macroeconomic

China’s exit from US agriculture is a devastating blow to an already struggling sector

August 6, 2019

Via: CNBC Finance

Agriculture has been a weapon of choice in the escalating trade war between the world’s two largest economies. With China officially pulling out of buying U.S. agricultural products, American farmers are losing one of their biggest customers. It could be […]


Are You Falling for Banking Industry Myths?

August 5, 2019

Via: Finextra headlines

The banking industry is changing by the day. What once were definitive “table stakes” for the essential software needed to run a full-service bank are now blurring due to rapidly evolving market dynamics. In this environment it can become difficult […]

Capital and Risk, Macroeconomic

The global economy hasn’t been this confusing in at least three decades

August 2, 2019

Via: CNBC Finance

What will happen next with the global economy and how governments will respond is troubling Wall Street as investors and economists chase a moving target of trade wars and monetary policy shifts. An index designed to measure policy-related uncertainty around […]

Capital and Risk, Macroeconomic

Powell says Fed will never move rates because of political factors or to prove its independence

August 1, 2019

Via: CNBC Economy

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the central bank’s rate decision was not a result of political pressure. “We never take into account political considerations. There’s no place in our discussions for that. We also don’t conduct monetary policy in […]

Activity, Corporate Banking

Two new next-gen banks to open in the US

May 13, 2019

Via: Banking Technology

Piermont Bank is a “new generation” of commercial banking with a focus on helping clients build and grow business. The Piermont Bank’s team says that it aims to support privately-owned business, especially multi-generation family-owned enterprises. It says: “We appreciate, respect […]


Strong Consumer Authentication – a project for the banks?

May 7, 2019

Via: Finextra

The Second Payments Services Directive (PSD2) is opening many doors for small companies in a bank-dominated industry. With the new rules some of the competences are transferred from the banks to the hands of the consumers. Consumers have the authority, […]

Activity, Corporate Banking

JPMorgan Provides New $150MM Facility for Clarus

May 7, 2019

Via: ABF Journal

Clarus terminated its asset-backed credit facility and entered into a new $100 million cash flow credit facility, which includes an uncommitted $50 million accordion with JPMorgan Chase. Under the terms of the new senior secured credit agreement, Clarus has access […]

Activity, Corporate Banking

Deutsche Bank shares slump 5 percent on report of a possible merger with Commerzbank

January 31, 2019


Shares of Deutsche Bank slumped nearly 5 percent Thursday after a report said the embattled German lender is gearing up for a potential merger with rival Commerzbank by mid-2019. The report, from Bloomberg citing anonymous sources, noted the deal is […]

Capital and Risk, Operational

Professional cybercriminals put the heat on fintech

December 3, 2018

Via: Banking Technology

In the European Payments Council’s (EPC) “2018 Payment Threats and Fraud Trends Report”, it provides a bleak and very lengthy overview of the most important threats in the payments landscape. There is a lot to mention, but the EPC raised […]

Activity, Investment Banking

Investment funds tech startup FundGuard secures $4 million in seed funding

October 19, 2018

Via: Finextra headlines

FundGuard, a cloud-based investment funds operating system powered by AI and designed to revolutionize the investment funds technology space, today announced its launch and $4 million in funding led by venture firms Blumberg Capital and LionBird. FundGuard will use the […]