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PayPal cost-cutting likely to persist

February 8, 2024

Via: Payments Dive

PayPal’s new management isn’t finished cutting costs in its pursuit of more profitable growth, according to the digital payment company’s new chief financial officer. Chiming in for the first time Wednesday during a presentation of the San Jose-based company’s fourth-quarter […]

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How Bankers Can Take Advantage of AI

February 22, 2023

Via: Bank Director

Among the biggest stories in tech remains the astonishing advancement in artificial intelligence, or AI, over the past several months. While AI has been evolving for a very long time, its latest iterations and implementations have reshaped how people think […]

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How Banks Can Benefit From Adopting Automation for Month-End Close

August 16, 2022

Via: Bank Director

The finance industry is no exception when it comes to the general shift toward automation in daily life. Automation is a powerful tool that eliminates repetitive manual processes, whether it’s to improving the bottom line by increasing productivity and output […]

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What Your Bank Can Learn From McDonald’s

November 29, 2018

Via: Bank Director

It’s noon. You’re halfway through your road trip, miles of highway behind you and your stomach tells you its lunchtime. Your passenger asks Siri for directions to the nearest McDonald’s. From the restaurant’s mobile app, he orders two No. 3 […]

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Citigroup could shed as much as half of its 20,000 tech and operations staff due to automation

June 12, 2018


Citigroup’s investment banking business could shed as much as half of its 20,000 technology and operations staff in the next five years due to automation, the Financial Times reported on Monday. Operational positions were the “most fertile for machine processing,” […]


Five Benefits to Automating the Credit Process

May 29, 2018

Via: Bank Director

Automation is a common buzzword these days in the financial services industry. What does it really mean for your business, and how far can you take automation through your credit origination process? We have compiled the top five benefits of […]

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Bank of America Merrill Lynch Announces New Virtual Payables Feature

January 23, 2018

Via: Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE – Bank of America Merrill Lynch has added a new feature to its Virtual Payables product, an offering which allows its commercial clients to automate post-invoice payments. The new feature (or Enhanced Virtual Payables Solution) was announced yesterday, although […]