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Capital and Risk, Operational

Opus CEO Praveen TM on driving AI transformation in banking and payments

April 10, 2024

Via: FinTech Futures

In an era where technology is reshaping the world of banking and payments, Opus Technologies is making waves through innovation. The company has launched a host of platforms and solutions to democratise artificial intelligence (AI) adoption among banks and credit […]

Capital and Risk, Operational

Unpacking the hype: Generative AI in banking and finance

August 22, 2023

Via: FinTech Futures

If the surge of funding into AI and the long queue of AI patents waiting to be filed are anything to go by, then the hype is far from over. And while clouds of concern surround this topic, just as […]


Wells Fargo Gets New Focus on Innovation, AI

February 13, 2017

Via: Bank Innovation

What is the best application of AI for financial  institutions? Wells Fargo is set to find out. The bank announced the launch of a new team today, dubbed the Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Solutions group, which will focus its efforts on AI (as […]